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Standard Packages

To make it hassle free for you, we've put together some tried and tested systems that will suit most gyms.
All our systems include, setup & tear down as well as an engineer and DJ to run the sound and light for you.

Bronze Package
- Simple 2 speaker sound system
- Colour changing "Sound to Light" fixed lights
- Digital Mixer and DJ system

Silver Package
- 2 full range speakers, 2 Sub woofers
- Colour changing fixed lights (DMX)
- 4x Moving head LED lighting with DMX control system
- Digital Mixer, DJ System and Radio & Wired Mics

Gold Package
- Professional Line Array system (6x Subs & 4x full range)
- 8x Moving head LED wash lighting with DMX control
- Computer Controlled Lighting show
- Digital Mixer, DJ system and Radio & Wired Mics

Bespoke Packages

If you want something different just ask!
Our standard packages are a great solution but if you want something different we're here to make sure its exactly right for you and your event.
The easiest way to understand what you need (If you're not a sound nerd like us) is...In terms of sound... Our Bronze Package will suit upto 100 people, the Silver Package is good upto around 300 and the Gold Package will take you up to 700 people.
In terms of lighting however, More is More!!! 
Most showcase events happen with the room lights on and the lighting in our packages is designed to work like this, accent lighting and extra sparkle, but it doesn't have to be like this. 
We can provide full show lighting that is controlled throughout each performance to ensure you get maximum sparkle and impact without dangerously dazzling the athletes mid stunts.

We can also provide...
Themed room decorations
Special FX (smoke, haze, pyrotechnics)
And much much more, just ask!