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Boxing Show Services

High End Shows at a Price that's right

It's not just about who hits the hardest!

Getting the lighting, Boxer entrances, announcements, and atmosphere right for your crowd makes better shows!

Our bespoke packages include...
Fully computerised lighting control to avoid dazzling boxers.
Radio Mics for compares to get those announcments out.
"Big Entrance" Packages to build the atmosphere.
DJ sets in between bouts to keep the crowd pumped.
Our FREE e-ticketing service allowing you to get tickets out to all the visiting gyms, efficently and hassle free.

Book a Date

We try to get your date booked as early as possible. We get full fast so the more notice the better.

Agree the format

We can offer "Off the shelf" packages or fully bespoke services to match your vision and your budget!

Sit back and relax

Once you set us off, you don't need to worry again. We'll provide updates as regularly as you want them