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If you're not used to hiring in "a sound guy" it can be a confusing process and a daunting step, we want to get away from all that and give you a rough idea of how much bang you get for your buck with our basic ball park packages...
One of our major pulls however, is that you don't just get "a sound guy" you'll get an additional member of your team while we're engaged with you both during the planning and on the day. Everyone who has ever organised a Showcase will know an extra set of eyes, pair of hands, extra experience or any unexpected help at all is invaluable at these events.

The prices below are all approximate, please only use them as a ball park figure to help you plan your event.
We are well aware that Showcases are often the biggest fundraisers for clubs and programs so we'll tailor them to best suit your budget and maximise your fund raising
Obviously we want you to go BIG! but we'll always go above and beyond on whatever budget you have!
We want your program looking amazing!
Showcase Bronze

from £700

Our entry level service is suitable for smaller gyms
(up to 150 audience members)
2.2 2800W Sound system (including DJ and controllers)
Static DMX controlled Up-lighters 

Showcase Silver 

from £1000

Stepping up from Bronze and suitable for medium gyms
(up to 300 audience)
Line Array Sound system (including DJ and controllers)
Moving & Static DMX controlled FX lights 

Showcase Gold


Summit level and Large Gyms this is the first step into production level Events. Suitable for audiences up to 600 
Large Line Array Sound system (including DJ and controllers)
Programmed Moving & Static DMX controlled FX lights 

Showcase Platinum


Worlds level Gym Package - Production Level Service
Full Arena style Sound System (unlimited Audience)
Computer controlled DMX programmed lighting show
Dark Room Option allowing full black out 
Bespoke Entrance & Run in Music
Special FX systems (smoke, bubbles, pyro, etc...)
The sky is the limit...

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